Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Launch of Personalized Graphics at Fashioncraft!

Okay. So, yeah. I'll admit it. I've been contemplating how to write in this blog... mainly because I have tons of things I wanted to add from the last two or three years. And, like most people, the intention to update your blog...and actually DOING it are two different things. Plus, there is about 1000 projects I would love to share and CAN'T which is equally as frustrating. Don't kill me..but you'll probably see a few backdated entries eventually... with my wedding, house stuff, and freelance work. That being said...

Today is {Wedding} Wednesday!

So, in honor of the middle of the week... I figured I would spread the *LOVE* for Fashioncraft's New 2013 Personalized Graphic Designs. These are featured on our sticker and glass items. One of the main themes in this grouping of new designs, is something I am so proud to have the honor to debut... Same-sex Marriage designs! Check this out: